Privacy Statement

The European General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR (Algemene verordening gegevensbescherming (2016/679), AVG) specifies the rights of persons whose data is used and what the duties are of the authorities or companies using data. The GDPR/AVG also applies to any data collected through this website.

Contact details
Van Doorn CFS B.V is data controller and located at Keizersgracht 311, 1016 EE Amsterdam, The Netherlands, (registration number Chamber of Commerce: 34292344). Van Doorn is part of JTC Group of entities,

Personal information
Van Doorn CFS B.V. treats any personal information it receives through its website with due care, operating fully within the framework of the GDPR/AVG. This Privacy Statement explains the type of information that Van Doorn CFS B.V. collects through its website and what this information is used for.

This privacy statement can be amended from to time to time if new developments make it prudent to have it revised. The most recent version can be found on

Personal data
Personal information comprises data that is traceable to an identified or identifiable natural person, i.e. the name of a person to whom the data relates is known or that that person can be traced. An example of personal data is a name, address or email address.

The types of collected personal information
Van Doorn CFS B.V. collects personal information, for example, if you request information, request for services. Van Doorn CFS B.V. may ask to provide information such as your name, address, phone number, email address. We may also collect and process personal data regarding people connected to you, either by way of professional (or other) association or by way of family relationship.

We collect your personal information from the following sources, as not all of the personal information Van Doorn CFS B.V. holds, will always originate directly from you.

  • personal information which you give to us;
  • personal information we receive from third party sources.

It may, for example, originate from your intermediary or representative, other organizations which belong to you, or a professional service provider such as your tax or accounting professional or legal adviser.

The use of personal information
Van Doorn CFS B.V. collects personal data for the following reasons:

  • Service agreements with you / client and client entities;
  • Obligations ensuing from applicable law, and regulations that apply to services provided, such as.
    • Trust Office Supervision Act (Wtt);
    • The Act on Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (WWFT);
    • Sanctions regulations
    • Tax regulations
  • Administration;
  • Communicating with you as necessary in connection with our services
  • Marketing (newsletters, updates, invitations and requested information);
  • Internal purposes such as management information, development of services, development of staff;
  • Monitoring and recording telephone and electronic communications and transactions:
    • for quality, business analysis, training and related purposes in order to improve service delivery; and
    • for investigation and fraud prevention purposes, for crime detection, prevention, investigation and prosecution of any unlawful act (or omission to act).
  • Liaising with or reporting to any regulatory authority (including tax authorities) with whom we are either required to cooperate or report to, or with whom we decide or deem it is appropriate to cooperate in relation to tax matters.
  • Hosted services.

Legal grounds for the processing
We process personal data based on one of the following legal grounds:

  • Approval;
  • Based on an agreement or for the conclusion of an agreement;
  • A legal obligation.

Sharing personal information
Depending on the circumstances, Van Doorn needs to share your personal data with third parties. This may be necessary to handle your file. There are also legal obligations that require us to disclose personal data to third parties. And, Van Doorn may share your personal information with JTC group companies.

Van Doorn CFS B.V. can share information for the purposes mentioned above with:

  • Within Van Doorn CFS B.V.;
  • With group entities of JTC,;
  • Business partners or representatives;
  • Third-party service providers, (including banks, financial institutions or other third party lenders, IT service providers, auditors and legal professionals) to facilitate the running of our business;
  • Third parties for fulfilment of legal requirements.

Sharing personal information with other trust offices pursuant to article 68 Wtt

Van Doorn shares information about integrity risks regarding Client or Client entity that materialised after 1 January 2019, pursuant to the obligations as set out in article 68 of the Supervision of Trust Offices Act 2018, at the request of a service provider that Client or Client Entity wishes to engage for providing service. This may include data that could relate to criminal liability. Information will be shared without prior consent of the Client or UBO being required.

Your personal data will not be shared with third parties for commercial purposes.

The right to access and correct your personal information
You have the right to view your details, you may amend them or have them deleted. You may oppose the handling of your personal information and revoke your consent at any time. If you wish to modify or delete your personal data, or want to know what personal data is stored on your behalf, please send us a message to the address mentioned above or email at

For any complaint about how we handle your personal data, please send us an email to We will make efforts to you find a solution. If this is not possible, you can always contact the Dutch Personal Data Protection Authority through

Visitor data and personal information
Some activities facilitated on the website of Van Doorn CFS B.V., such as the contact form, require you to provide personal information: your name, email address and telephone number. Van Doorn CFS B.V. uses this information solely for the purposes for which it is intended and will never offer any unsolicited information and/or services. Your personal information is not passed on to any third parties. 

How do we handle your personal information?
Your data is processed in a diligent manner and in accordance with GDPR/AVG. Your personal data is used solely for the purpose for which you made it available.

More information?
You can send any questions or remarks regarding your personal data to

Cookie statement
Van Doorn’s website uses analytical cookies. These cookies have little to no impact on your privacy.

Google Analytics

Van Doorn’s website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. (Google). Van Doorn uses this service to track how visitors use the website, with the aim to improve the website. Google Analytics stores cookies on your computer to keep track of usage data. This is used to gain insight into, among other things, the visitor flows, traffic sources and page views on our website. Van Doorn’s website stores:

  • IP-address.

Information that is collected by Google Analytics is anonymised. Your IP address is masked in part (i.e. the last octet). Van Doorn CFS B.V. cannot see which individual visitors are behind which visits to our website.

Information that is collected by Google Analytics cannot be used by Google, Van Doorn has de-activated this facility.

If you do not wish to accept Google Analytics cookies, you are able to prevent data from being used by Google Analytics by using the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on for the Google Analytics JavaScript

Please note that if you make use of a different computer, you will need to adjust your browser settings again on that computer.

Van Doorn does not use any other Google service in combination with Google Analytics.

Amsterdam, 1 January 2019